If you haven’t listened to this album, you are seriously missing out.

Right. I have a bowl of cheesy veggy pasta, a working internet connection, and nothing to do. Time to hit the ‘things to watch’ tag.

exlibrisfangirl answered to your photo “[x] Have I mentioned how much I really, really love Joe in braces…”

Pretty sure it’s the Romanian Dance of the Mating Crab.

500 tumblr points to anyone clever enough to put this to music.



I think I may need to start adding RArmitage to my blocked tags. That’s not good.


No, just kidding. I am convinced that one can never have too much Richard Armitage on one’s dash, but I fully acknowledge that not everyone would agree with me. Sorry if I’m being part of the problem. I do post a lot of RA stuff. I JUST REALLY LIKE HIM, OKAY? Actually, I’m not really sorry. It’s my blog. I DO WHAT I WANT. But blacklisting can be a very good tool. Yes, very good indeed. (I had to blacklist Sebastian Stan, because my dash essentially turned into a relentless flood of him + Captain America stuff. I still haven’t taken the block off. Do you suppose it’s safe to come out now?)

Never ever feel sorry for posting Beautiful People. If I can’t manage my own dash (or my feelings about him in that costume ONE DAY I WILL WATCH NORTH AND SOUTH) then I am to blame.





I think I may need to start adding RArmitage to my blocked tags. That’s not good.


No, just kidding. I am convinced that one can never have too much Richard Armitage on one’s dash, but I fully acknowledge that not everyone would agree with me. Sorry if I’m being…

See, herein lies part of the problem with blacklisting! Richard Armitage in North and South is incredible! I would never want to miss him in a post like this. Also, I wouldn’t really want to miss anything Robin Hood-related. Regarding Sebastian Stan, everything is still Sebastian Stan all the time. But less than it was a month or two ago. In fact, I would say that Richard Armitage is slightly more prevalent these days. At least, on my dash he is. But I don’t know if it’s truly safe for you yet. :)

So, sylvi10, if you’re using XKit’s Blacklist extension, one nifty trick you can use to help deal with the problem of potentially missing posts you might want to see is to tweak with some of the extension options, such as “show tags” and “show post type.” Go into XKit, click on Blacklist in the list of your extensions in the left-hand column, and then scroll down until you see these options:


There are a whole bunch of options you can use to not blacklist certain types of posts, or include more information in the blacklisted boxes.

For instance, this post was blacklisted on my dash because it contains “armitage,” but since I’ve enabled tags and post type, it showed up on my dash like this:


Since I recognized the poster (you), type, and names of my friends in the tags, I knew it was probably something I was interested in seeing, so I clicked “show it anyway.” Usually I’ll click to see blacklisted posts by mutuals and friends, depending on what the tags/blacklist info says they contain. 

Of course, it’s not a perfect system, since all of this relies on people tagging their posts accurately and thoroughly—not to mention that it’s easy to scroll past blacklisted posts without noticing what they contain or who posted them. But it can help! :)

This is also what I do, and it really does help! What I’ve noticed- and what I think has been said before - is that it’s not a perfect system since it relies on people tagging things, but it definitely does weed stuff out and allow you to manage your dash a bit better.

Regarding SebWhyDoesHeNeedTwoFirstNamesStan, my dash has really calmed down over the last month, which is good because I was starting to fall into the madness myself.

exlibrisfangirl replied to your photo “[x] Have I mentioned how much I really, really love Joe in braces…”

Also, I read “braces” and was like, “What? He doesn’t have braces!” And then I realized you were talking about his SUSPENDERS. (We say “braces” to mean the metal wires you get cemented to your teeth to straighten them out.) Oh, English. ;o)

Oh my god, the image of them banging their teeth braces is going to get me through the week.

It’s weird- i had that problem a lot when I first came to England - over here suspenders mean the things you wear to hold your socks up (and there’s another amazing image). Got me into a lot of confusing situations! Oh, I love English!



1) Always post the rules.

2) Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones.

3) Tag 11 people and link them to the post
4) Actually tell them you tagged them.


I was tagged by iremainwanderingwitless. Thank you, dear!

1. What makes you want to get up in the morning?

A shower and a cup of tea are usually the immediate motivations. But more philosophically, my family. My job—usually. And whatever small or out of the ordinary thing I have going on that day. Like getting my hair cut, or meeting a friend for coffee. I like simple goals and having simple things to look forward to.

2. Give me a chapter title, the writing style, and the cover art from the story of your life.

See, this is hard. Really hard! The only one I can easily answer for you is writing style. No one, in my opinion, writes like E.M. Forster, so that would be my choice of style. Like Forster.

3. What makes you happy about what you are currently doing?

Currently in life, in general? Or currently, right now, specifically sitting on the couch with my laptop and a drink? Let’s go with the latter. I’m feeling very content and relaxed and accomplished—see answer to question one about simple goals. Also, I recently ate an ice cream cone. What’s not to like about that?

4. What was the last book you read?

On Beauty by Zadie Smith. It was for my book group. I’d read it before. I love it.

5. What would your coat of arms be?

Again with the hard questions! Um, a skunk, lilies of the valley, I don’t know?

6. What song was last stuck in your head?

Marching Bands of Manhattan by Death Cab for Cutie.

7. What did 10 year old you want to name your first child?

This is terrible. I have a feeling that at age 10 it was either Amelia or…Peggy Sue.

8. Where did 6 year old you see you being in 2014?

Probably France. For no real good reason, but I could grasp as a concept, and it interested me as a country because some of my forebears were from there. And of course, it seemed romantic, adventurous, and sophisticated. Was that too literal an answer? Did you mean something totally different?

9. Can you dance? Do you dance? When will you dance?

Sure, I can dance! I mean, not well, but yeah! Do I? Yup! Embarrassment can’t stop me! When? Most recently at a wedding. Most frequently around the house when playing 80’s music.

10. What was your first impression of tumblr, and has it changed?

Overwhelming. I actually got on tumblr once and then deleted my account within a few days. I think I realized it would be sort of consuming. I’m less overwhelmed, but it is sort of consuming. Not necessarily in a bad way! And I can walk away from it. Really, I can. :)

11. Small talk is boring. Let’s have a real conversation! What shall we talk about?

Well, if it’s me talking to you specifically, I’d say, “Let’s talk about interestinggin!” But if it’s me and anyone else, some unspecified person, I’d want to find out something they care about and then talk about it with them.


1) your questions are awesome. I only removed them because I was getting lost in writing this.

2) Peggy Sue is the greatest name ever. 10yo you was very wise.

3) I searched skunks with lilly of the valley, but google was inefficient. So I made you something. I’m basically an artist.

4) I really need to read EM Forster.

Girlfriend is in London at an ‘Industry Do,’ which from what I understand involves wearing a pretty dress and talkign to incredibly attractive people. I haven’t had a night in for ages.  I think I’m going to watch videos of pc games and probably annoy the heck out of all of you. Just advanced warning!

reblogginhood answered to your post “HELLO NEW FOLLOWER (S?) How are we all today?”

I’m doing quite well; and you? (I realize you posted this several hours before I followed, but can I be grandfathered in? ;)

I am having a wonderful sunshiney day, all the better for you being in it! You may be added in, or, even better, you can have this post all to yourself. Is the sun shining where you are?


alright, so this needs sources. i know that number three is ‘expansion' by paige bradley, but anyone else?

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